Alumni Stories

Fraser PictureFraser


ELVP has provided the tools to help me provide the clear direction that I wanted for my own team, work with other teams and effectively communicate to management.

Whereas I would historically feel uncomfortably dealing with conflict in the workplace, I now have the tools to deal with them head on instead of avoiding / accommodating them.

The program also provided a forum where I was able to discuss and be coached on issues that I had been dealing with in the work place.


Setting structured accountability with clear expectations and openly dealing with conflict (no more avoidance). My manager has also been able to review and hopefully get some insight on how I will be managing his expectations and how they should be supporting me.

The program was a great help to me. We won’t always have a mentor to learn from and I felt I just had to accept problems and my unmet expectations which were turning into resentment.

Having a forum to discuss and provide the tools to deal with issues I was encountering in my job was a relief and employing them into my team has resolved many of my daily stressors.

Who Else Whould Benefit From ELVP?

Anyone from the front line employee to the executive level would benefit from this program. Even if you do not have a team to manage, the program has some great tools that will help with dealing with your manager and other teams.


Tom PicsImpact

I recently had to handle a conflict situation between myself and one of my reports. Communication issues had been causing friction for months. I had a firm understanding of the details, the history, etc., and I wanted the issue resolved or at the very least have the topic opened in prep for a follow up conversation, but I didn’t have a lot of faith that things would go well. As the conversation started, it started to go downhill pretty quick. I fell back on the ELVP and asked a couple of probing questions regarding how he communicates. Once I heard his answers (and silently said ‘well, no wonder!’) I was able to formulate a reply, pull our airplane of communication out of its tailspin and have a much more positive talk about how we interact and what we can both do to keep improving in that regard.


Clearer communication. If you take a poll, you’d find that many think they know how to talk to people. In my opinion, they’re right only part of the time. Knowing how to effectively communicate is part art and part science and that ratio changes from situation to situation. I’d tell the people who took that poll that attending ELVP, regardless of how well you communicate, would still be an eye-opener and that in the event of a worst-case scenario, the person would validate that they really were as good at communication and leadership as they thought they were.

Who Else Would Benefit From ELVP?

Anyone. We all have a tendency to get wrapped up in our own opinions and vision of how things should be and we have a tendency to forget that other people don’t necessarily process, experience or perceive things as we do. This is a fundamental item that makes communication and leadership challenging and ELVP provides valuable tools in understanding this and it’s needed if you want to be successful.



Most revealing to me was the difference I discovered between my leadership style and that of my direct report. As a result, I am delegating work in a more effective manner while at the same time reducing stress for both of us.


I am much more conscientious of my natural tendency to “Direct” and I am instead adopting a “Facilitator” approach. As a result, my team has collaborated in combining two individual half-day training programs into a one-day program that is even better than the originals. As an added bonus, our energy level around this project has skyrocketed!

Who Else Would Benefit From ELVP?

Anyone who realizes how important leadership is to the success of their company and their own individual career success will benefit.